Emergency transport: your shipment fast at any destination

Your customer is waiting for four pallets of your products, which should be delivered urgently. In another case, you have a shipment with devices that should be shipped right away. Arranging emergency transport can cause a lot of stress and also takes up a lot of your precious time. And most of the time you face expensive transport costs, right? For all your questions regarding emergency transport, we are here to help you.

Arrange your urgent shipments via our extensive network

Whether it’s a transport from Germany to Portugal, from England to Spain or from Dubai to Africa: MOL Logistics Germany knows the quickest route. With an extensive network of delivery vans and trucks, our partners are available throughout Europe.

For you it is important to know that we take the utmost care of your shipment of pallets and even larger loads. For each kind of shipment and volume you will receive a fitting solution.


For urgent pickup and delivery of packages or pallets


Emergency transport at competitive prices


Our teams will advise you to make the best choice

Emergency transport with specific requests

To get your emergency transport affordable at its destination, you can trust the MOL Logistics Germany network. Due to a set-up with reliable partners, the drivers are familiar with your specific demands for transport and your products. Even if your goods need to be send refrigerated, heated or as hazardous goods (ADR), you can expect customized transport on a high level.

Tracking your emergency shipments

Due to our extensive network of drivers and equipment throughout Europe, you can rely on collection of your goods as agreed. And your shipment will reach its destination very quickly. You will get status updates of your shipment and in most cases the status of your shipment can be checked through an online Track & Trace website. It’s as easy as that!

High availibility and service level for urgent transport

To be informed quickly and easily can be very important to you and your customer. Therefore, we will assist you by offering several additional services. Such as pickup within 2 hours or quicker, providing name and licence plate number of the driver, adding references, track & trace and sending Proof Of Delivery (POD).

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