Parcel service to ship your packages worldwide

Getting your parcels and packages deliverd worldwide trough a single partner: MOL Logistics Czech Republic. For all sizes and destinations you can trust our parcel network for export and import. Based on the (daily) number of parcels, weight and repetitiveness we give you personal advice and a competivite pricing.

Competitive rates with an outstanding service

A package with spare parts should have been in America today, but has not arrived yet. Meanwhile another customer in Japan is still waiting for a package with your products, which should have been there yesterday. To fix these tasks for your customers, it will take a lot of time. Not to mention the stress it causes. Especially if you have a lot of (smaller) package shipments that need to be shipped worldwide. Does your current parcel service provide the desired service to your most important destinations worldwide? Which package service should you choose? Just make it a lot easier for your company and colleagues: contact your MOL Logistics office in Pilsen, Czech Republic!

For your worldwide parcel and package shipments, MOL Logistics Czech Republic works with trustworthy parties such as DHL, FedEx, UPS and TNT. Due to combined volumes you can benefit from competitive rates for parcels together with an outstanding service. For example: same day, next day, just-in-time or delivery before a certain time. Each shipment will be shipped with the highest care and will be delivered as requested. In case your shipment is less urgent, you can count on a fitting ‘economy’ solution.


Profit from the ideal mix of speed and competitive prices


Send all your business packages and parcels worldwide


Our team will advise you the best solution for your parcel needs

Mix of quality and rates

Have you experienced delays or damaged parcels in the past? Sometimes it is quite a risk to send your precious goods by the cheapest parcel service. That is why we check the reliability and service level that these parcel services offer. Of course, damages cannot be entirely prevented, but MOL Logistics Czech Republic will avoid this as much as possible by working together with quality parcel services. This way you can rely on the right mix of quality and price.

Easy and convenient parcel services

Sending and monitoring a lot of packages to your trade partners or customers can be quite complex. And time consuming too, when carriers or parcel services visit your locations several times a day. To assist you, we can collect all your ready packages by an agreed schedule. Depending on your needs, this can be done daily or weekly. This way your staff can focus on sales and the preparation of shipments.

Worldwide parcel delivery

If you want to ship your parcels worldwide there are a lot of possibilities. Are you able to select the right party for the fastest transit time or the most competitive rate for your destinations? By using the parcel services of MOL Logistics Czech Republic, you do not have to perform this kind of search over and over again. Will will take care of this job!

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