Road transport: high quality network for groupage and full loads

Transport by road can be easily arranged by your MOL Logistics office in Pilsen, Czech Republic. For both import and export shipments, for full trucks and pallets (groupage). Expect personal advice, handling of documents and a fast, competitive quotation. Try our road freight services!

Benefit from (cost) advantages of our network

To unburden our customers, we work closely together with a variety of parties in road transport. Together we organize road transports in line with the specific requirements of our customers. While selecting the right carrier for each shipment, we will ensure you have the best quality and rate possible.

It doesn’t matter if you need to ship piece goods, consolidated cargo, parcel services or special deliveries – MOL Logistics Czech Republic stands for flexible logistics services that are individually adapted. Door-to-door deliveries all over Europe and combined with multimodal solutions. MOL Logistics has an exceptionally skilled and experienced staff contingent with comprehensive ADR knowledge.


For all sorts of shipments: full trailers (FTL) and groupage shipments (LTL)


Combine your shipments by road with storage, cross docking or other services


Time critical deliveries, dangerous goods and temperature controlled shipments

Expertise for single pallets and full truck loads

Every shipment is unique. Therefor it is important you can rely on the expertise of our road freight specialists. Trust our international network of affiliates and partners that covers the entire continent. Including Regular departures across Europe. If needed, we can collect your goods on a very short term, especially in case of time critical deliveries. For these shipments, you will get regular updates. We will contact the recipient to confirm the unloading date and time. Of course you will get a POD (Proof Of Delivery) if needed. This will save you a lot of time and effort.

Extensive network for road transport

It is important to have the knowledge which is needed to arrange all of your transports by road. To meet your requirements and those of your customers. Through our international and balanced network we cover the whole of Europe including Eastern Europe and Russia. Next to that, shipments that arrive worldwide via air or sea can be transported further by road. For many important destinations you can count on our scheduled services for full trailers (FTL) and pallet/groupage shipments (LTL).

Consolidated cargo transport: domestic and international

When transporting consolidated cargo, our customers can rely on a cost-effective method. Share the lorry with other customers, thereby saving costs. Thanks to our European network, we plan efficient routes while taking into account your priorities in terms of delivery.

Special deliveries

Sometimes speed is required. A short-term order, an unexpected need . MOL Logistics in Pilsen enables you to respond to new situations with exceptional flexibility. Together with you, we carry out special deliveries at an excellent price/performance ratio. This includes special transport of oversized and dangerous goods (ADR). And if needed, we also take care of an additional insurance to cover transport risks.

Efficient transport of your products

All of our road freight teams know the local market and know the best way to ship your goods. This creative usage of knowledge, experience, capacity and resources will help you choosing the right partner for trucking. Of course we will book the shipments for you, and arrange the necessary customs documents. In case an alternative shipping method fits your requirements better, we will let you know. For example by shortsea or rail solutions. You can rely on our deliveries and this leads to more flexibility in your sales and/or production processes.

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