Storage and warehousing: goods safely and efficiently stored

Keep your goods safely stored in our centrally located warehouse in Pilsen. With fast order processing and a lot of additional services, MOL Logistics in Czech Republic supports your business worldwide. Also for consolidation shipments, crossdocking, inventory management and much more.

Flexible options for storing a wide range of products

Storage of your goods or products can be space and time consuming. Not to mention the related administration you should keep. It can be hard to keep track on the orders of your customer and the additional requirements. Is the ordered item still in stock, even when your customers unexpectedly needs more? Let us take care of your storage, order picking, inventory management and dispatching of your goods! MOL Logistics has invested in human resources, new technologies and equipment to consolidate its position as a global leader in supply chain management. This gives you the time and space to concentrate on your core business activities!

For all types of products: secured and centrally located warehouse


Save time and money by outsourcing your storage and warehousing


Extensive additional services and reports to make things easier for you

Tailored for our customers

To keep track of your products, we find it very important to keep a transparent inventory management system. Both incoming and outgoing products are registered and controlled through barcodes. The Pilsen based storage process is fully managed by a state-of-the-art logistics system. It is tailored to customers by one of the leading software companies in the world, Manhattan Associates. You can expect sophisticated barcode scanning and reading devices. Including radio-frequency equipment for instant recording of product movement in the warehouse. This ensures high efficiency and flawless fulfillment of incoming and outgoing processes.

Order picking warehouse

Our storage options are as versatile as the different requirements of our customers. We offer you an option to use our order picking warehouse, which means increased flexibility for you. We store your goods and handle the entire shipment for you. Our service range in terms of order picking comprises pallets, cartons, secondary packaging as well as individual items.

Strategically located

Our modern warehouses are built according to the latest standards and strategically placed in the industrial area of Pilsen: Borská Pole. Excellent access to the D5 motorway from Germany to Prague. Other warehouses located throughout the Czech Republic and controlled by selected partner companies are also fully equipped and ready to offer flexible storage options for different types of commodities, according to your needs.
With online tools you have full insights in your stock, deliveries and shipments and other details of your products. As if you were keeping your own warehouse, you have complete control of your stock and direct insight in the outsourced logistics. Inventory management, distribution, Value Added Logistics (VAL): anything is possible within our care free logistic services.

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