Supply chain and value-added services

Save valuable time by outsourcing your entire transport, warehousing and logistics. MOL Logistics Czech Republic will take care of the complete supply chain with services that meet your wishes and requirements.

Supply chain and value-added services to improve your business


Save valuable time by outsourcing transport, warehousing and logistics


Value-added services for your convenience: packing options, security features and quality checks


Possibility of online control of shipments and their storage

Supply chain solutions

Every company has its own wishes and requirements when it comes to transport or logistics. These specific requirements can be implemented in our processes. One possible solution is that orders are submitted digitally via electronic data interchange (EDI). To continuously improve efficiency within the supply chain, our employees are trained to meet all your individual wishes and requirements. You can always rely on us!

Other value-added services

Do you need advice on other services besides transporting and storing products? In addition to handling and storage activities in our warehouse, MOL Logistics (Czech) s.r.o. provides a wide range of other services. We offer the possibility of repackaging, sorting, labelling of shipments and immediate stock control by means of automatic reporting. Expect value-added services that specialize in electronic and high-tech technologies. For example: labeling, barcoding, repair, product screening and testing, or serial number checks.

Personal support for you

Our staff will arrange shipping and handling orders either per piece, per box or per pallet. In our warehouse, we facilitate the completion of production, finishing and repackaging of our clients' products prior to storage and export. Do not hesitate to contact MOL Logistics office in the Czech Republic to arrange transport, product storage and other logistics services. Most importantly, you will get personal attention from all our colleagues. Contact us if you have any questions or need advice. With MOL Logistics, you can devote your full attention to your business and your customers!

MOL Logistics (Czech) s.r.o.

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