Update Corona-virus

Please find below the latest update from MOL Logistics in Czech Republic.

  • The Government declared the state of emergency in its entire territory for 30 days with effect from 12thMarch 2pm.
  • All schools are closed.
  • The prohibition of entry into Czech Republic applied all foreigners except to those who have permanent residence or more than 90 days temporary residence.
  • The internal borders with Germany and Austria can only be crossed at designated crossing points without any time limit.
  • Cross border busses and passenger trains are suspended. The resolution does not apply for international truck drivers. Borders are closed for people movement, no restrictions for goods flow (truck drivers have exception to move without necessity of quarantine).
  • All shops are closed except for selling foodstuffs, sanitary and drugstore goods, petrol station till 11 April 6am.
  • Restriction on the free movement of people till 11 April 6am.
  • Wearing facemasks (medical masks, self-made masks, scarf) is mandatory when going out (there is a fine of up to CZK20.000 for violations).
  • Forbidden meeting of more than two people except for same household.
  • People should stand at least 2 meters apart in public.
  • MOL Logistics Czech office staff are working at home (if applicable).
  • Our warehouse is operational with following restrictions: drivers cannot enter the warehouse (to attend the loading), they have to wear a mask and use disinfection once the enter the premises to pick transport docs. At the entrance is checked their body temperature as well (drivers with fever are refused), similar temperature check is performed at the beginning of each shift with all warehouse staff.
  • All employees have to respect higher hygiene rules, minimize personal contacts with other employees.
  • All business trips are cancelled, all business visits are cancelled/postponed  as well.

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